Saturday, April 11, 2009

Frank & Edmund

Frank & Edmund is a series of objects that transform an iconic mason jar into modern tableware. The series is named after Frank and Edmund Ball the original producers of the Ball Jar, which became so superfluous that mason jars became known as Ball jars. The containers commonly used for preservation and storage are re-purposed as drinking vessels, pitchers, mugs, shakers and even juicers creating an addendum to this American icon. Each object or addendum is handmade from porcelain and attached via the threaded mouth of the jar. The elegance of porcelain paired with the inherent beauty of cast glass compliment and draw attention to the tactility of the materials and the feeling that is related to the use. Moving from juicer to storage container the user is able to utilize the adaptability of the porcelain objects and re-use a common household vessel in a sustainable way.

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